At Just Kidding Hanley we offer a range of classes Mon-Fri to enable children to enjoy doing something different and perhaps learn a new skill or two at the same time.

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Messy Play is exactly that!  Allow your child to explore their senses.  Pour, Squeeze, Mix, Squelch.  There are all sorts of possibilities.  Let your child explore new experiences.  Tap into a child's curiosity about the world around them.  (Tuesday & Thursday 9.30am)

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Your child can benefit enormously from trying out new experiences. Every child has a great capacity to learn, whether it be physically, emotionally or developmentally, especially if they have fun whilst they do it.


Whether its singing, dancing or making most of our classes are suitable for children from 0 to 12, some are included within your admission fee at no extra charge.

Class Times are regularly posted on our

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